The Good Life: Aristotle

Chris Surprenant (UNO) discusses the account of human well-being and the good life presented by Aristotle in the Nicomachean Ethics and Politics. He explains why Aristotle believes that a human being lives well when he acts rightly and possesses all virtues, both intellectual and those relating to good character.

Professor of Ethics, Strategy, and Public Policy | Founding Director, Urban Entrepreneurship & Policy Institute at University of New Orleans

I am a Professor of Philosophy at the University of New Orleans, where I direct the UNO Honors Program and am founding director of the UNO Urban Entrepreneurship and Policy Institute, formerly the Alexis de Tocqueville Project.

My work focuses on current issues in ethics and public policy, including the connection between entrepreneurship and human well-being; the importance of free exchange to the proper functioning of a free society, both in academic institutions and the community as a whole; and the role of financial incentives in shaping institutions and influencing public policy.

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