Laurie Santos
Associate Professor
Yale University

Dr. Laurie Santos is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Yale University. Her research provides an interface between evolutionary biology, developmental psychology, and cognitive neuroscience, exploring the evolutionary origins of the human mind by comparing the cognitive abilities of human and non-human primates. Her experiments focus on non-human primates (in captivity and in the field), incorporating methodologies from cognitive development, animal learning psychology, and cognitive neuroscience.

Most Recent Videos Uploaded

Cognitive Biases: The GI Joe Fallacy

In this video, Laurie Santos (Yale University) discusses why knowing about our cognitive biases is not enough to overcome them. She’ll introduce a new cognitive error known as the G.I. Joe Fallacy, the tendency for our biases to stick around even when we should know better.

Cognitive Biases: Peak-End Effect
CRITICAL THINKING - Cognitive Biases: Peak-End Effect [HD]
Cognitive Biases: Mental Accounting
CRITICAL THINKING - Cognitive Biases: Mental Accounting [HD]
Cognitive Biases: Reference Dependence and Loss Aversion
CRITICAL THINKING - Cognitive Biases: Reference Dependence and Loss Aversion [HD]
Cognitive Biases: Pricing Biases
CRITICAL THINKING - Cognitive Biases: Pricing Biases [HD]
Cognitive Biases: Anchoring
CRITICAL THINKING - Cognitive Biases: Anchoring [HD]
Cognitive Biases: Alief
CRITICAL THINKING - Cognitive Biases: Alief [HD]
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