David Miguel Gray
Assistant Professor
Colgate University

David Miguel Gray is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Colgate University. He is also an Affiliate of the Africana and Latin American Studies Program at Colgate University. His interests are in Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Race and Racism, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, and African-American Philosophy (In particular, the African-American intellectual tradition)

Most Recent Videos Uploaded

Sociohistorical Theories of Race

In this Wireless Philosophy video, David Miguel Gray (Colgate University) introduces sociohistorical theories of race. Gray introduces socially constructed categories and what it means to think about categories in this way. This is part 3a of a four part series, “Racial Ontology: A Guide for th

Naturalist Theories of Race
PHILOSOPHY - Race: Naturalist Theories of Race [HD]
Racial Ontology
PHILOSOPHY - Race: Racial Ontology (A Guide for the Perplexed) [HD]
A Toolkit for Building a Better Mind.