Greg Ganssle
Senior Fellow
Rivendell Institute at Yale University

Greg Ganssle has been thinking about the intersection of Christian faith and contemporary scholarship for over thirty years. After graduating from the University of Maryland in 1978, he worked in campus ministry on a variety of campuses. Hundreds of conversations with students from a wide variety of religious and philosophical perspectives drove him to a sustained self-study program. Eventually it occurred to him that he was reading philosophy.  Within weeks, he was hooked. Greg has been married to Jeanie since 1985. They have three children, none of whom are philosophers. Although happily married, Greg has a secret crush on Jane Austen.

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Most Recent Videos Uploaded

Problem of Evil Part 1

Part 1 of a trilogy. Greg lays out a classic argument that God does not exist, called ‘The Problem of Evil’. He distinguishes two versions of that argument, which are sometimes called ‘the deductive’ and ‘the evidential’ version. He goes into some details on the deductive version.

Problem of Evil Part 2
Greg Ganssle: Problem of Evil Part 2
Problem of Evil Part 3
Greg Ganssle: Problem of Evil Part 3
Argument and Evidence
Greg Ganssle: Argument and Evidence
A Toolkit for Building a Better Mind.