Geoff Pynn
Assistant Professor
Northern Illinois University
Geoff Pynn (PhD, Yale University) specializes in epistemology and philosophy of language, in particular on issues concerning the nature, function, and norms of assertion, and the semantics and pragmatics of epistemic terms like "know".  He also regularly teaches logic and early modern philosophy.

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In this Wireless Philosophy video, Geoff Pynn (Northern Illinois) explains epistemic contextualism, which says that the word “know” is a context-sensitive term. Geoff describes how contextualists claim to dissolve the problem of radical skepticism, and discusses the argument for contextualism

Virtue Epistemology
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Analyzing Knowledge, Part 4 (Tracking Theories)
PHILOSOPHY - Epistemology: Analyzing Knowledge #4 (Tracking Theories) [HD]
Abductive Arguments
Critical Thinking: Abductive Arguments
Intro to Critical Thinking
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