Rule of Law for Discretion in Sentencing

In this Wireless Philosophy video, Barry Lam (Vassar College, Hi-Phi Nation podcast) asks whether a convicted defendant’s punishment should be determined by laws that apply uniformly to anyone convicted of a similar crime or by the individual trial judge, who might give different punishments for similar crimes.
Host of Hi-Phi Nation at Hi-Phi Nation

Barry Lam is Associate Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Vassar College, where he teaches about knowledge, rationality,  the philosophy of language, life, death, and justice. He is also host and executive producer of Slate’s Hi-Phi Nation podcast, a show that blends philosophy with stories from everyday life, science, politics, the arts, and law. Season 4 of the show is dedicated to the philosophy of crime and punishment, taking the listener through the philosophical issues in criminal justice from criminalization, policing, imprisonment, and reintegration.

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