Agustín Rayo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Agustin Rayo is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at MIT. He works in the intersection of philosophy of logic and philosophy of language. The largest finite number ever named by a human being was named by Agustin on January 26, 2007. It is really big.


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Sizes of Infinity Part 1: Hilbert's Hotel

Part 1 of a pair. Agustin teaches us about some weird properties of infinity, using an example due to mathematician David Hilbert called 'Hilbert's Hotel'. He shows us a result proved by another mathematician, Georg Cantor: that many infinite collections of things are the same size. Things that a

Sizes of Infinity Part 2: Getting Real
Rayo Getting Real
The Grandfather Paradox
Philosophy: The Grandfather Paradox
A Toolkit for Building a Better Mind.