(Founder / Executive Director) Gaurav Vazirani is a PhD student at Yale University specializing in Normative Ethics and Philosophy of Law. Beyond his research interests, Gaurav is particularly interested in making philosophy more accessible to the public at large. Gaurav co-founded the New Haven Philosophy Outreach Program (which Kelley now runs) and is now trying to serve that aim more broadly by creating Wi-Phi.
(Program Director) Alex Marmor is an instructional designer at Harvard University and program director of Wireless Philosophy. He holds an MA in philosophy from Brandeis University and a BA in philosophy from Boston University. His research is on philosophy of mind, epistemology, and ethics.
(Associate Director) Paul Henne is a PhD student at Duke University. Before attending Duke, he received his MA from Arizona State University and his BA from Lake Forest College. His primary interests in philosophy are in metaphysics and empirical philosophy.
(Associate Director) Geoff Pynn is an assistant professor of philosophy at Northern Illinois University. He received his PhD from Yale University. His research interests include epistemology and philosophy of language, and he regularly teaches courses in those areas, as well as logic and early modern philosophy. Through his work with Wi-Phi, he hopes to help bridge the gap between academic philosophy and the wider world.
(Squire Fellow) Alex Chituc studied philosophy as an undergraduate at Yale University. Currently, he is teaching English in France, and his primary interests in philosophy are ethics and epistemology.
(Content Associate) Matthew Harris is a PhD student at Duke University with interests in Metaphysics, Psychology and the History of Ideas. Matthew received a BA in Philosophy from the State University of New York at Geneseo.
(Content Creator) Damien Rochford has a PhD in philosophy at MIT.  Damien is motivated to create a world in which most people know the difference between being persuaded and being persuaded on rational grounds. To further that end, Damien initially co-founded Wi-Phi with Gaurav and has since been developing philosophy content for edX.  
(Technology Consultant) Ramnath Ravindran is a hardware engineer with a love for all things tech, though he has a special place in his heart for hardware verification. He received his BSc from Rutgers University, where he also took many courses in philosophy and developed an interest in the intersection of tech and education, specifically the teaching of logic.
(Intern) Katelyn Greller is a philosophy student at Franklin & Marshall College and an editor for Fresh Philosophy, the journal of the Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium. Her main interests in philosophy are metaphysics and philosophy of mind. She’s also interested in illustration, graphic design, and typography.
(Intern) Fiona Xin is an undergraduate student at Duke University studying Philosophy and Political Science. Fiona first became interested in studying philosophy in high school, where her Theory of Knowledge class challenged her to question the world around her. As an undergraduate student, Fiona is interested in learning about any and all philosophical topics, particularly logic and political philosophy. She is also passionate about spreading philosophy to a wider audience and dispelling any inaccurate misconceptions about the field through Wi-Phi.
(Translator) Nathaly Garcia is a graduate student in Philosophy at Northern Illinois University. Her primary research interests include Epistemology and Philosophy of language. She is currently interested in the nature of epistemic justification, the relationship between epistemology and our practices of assertion, the epistemology of testimony, epistemic luck, and the analysis of knowledge. 
(Translator) Dr. Christina Rawls teaches in the Modern Languages, Philosophy and Classics at Roger Williams University. She is a recent graduate of the doctoral program at Duquesne University and studied Early Modern philosophy (Spinoza) with Dr. Daniel Selcer and the Critical Philosophy of Race with Dr. George Yancy. She currently continues to work in both areas, as well as the philosophy of education and philosophy of film.
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