School Liaisons

Duke University

Paul Henne is a PhD student at Duke University. Before attending Duke, he received his MA from Arizona State University and his BA from Lake Forest College. His primary interests in philosophy are in metaphysics and empirical philosophy, and they are particularly about absences, omissions, and nothingness. He is, for instance, curious about the gap between our judgments about omissions and their relation to the world.
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Yale University

Kelley Schiffman is a PhD student at Yale University with interests in Early Modern Philosophy and Ethics. Kelley also leads the New Haven Philosophy Outreach Program which aims to bring philosophy to New Haven high school students and to knit closer intellectual and social ties between Yale University philosophy students and the New Haven community.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Damien Rochford is a PhD in philosophy at MIT. Damien would really like to live in a world where most people know the difference between being persuaded and being persuaded on rational grounds; he is hoping this website helps make that happen, in its own small way.



A Toolkit for Building a Better Mind.